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Dancing and Music is that awesome experience which cannot be well known until you technique way of way of life in a loving, beneficial, looking after, therapy, awesome and generative way. You cannot appreciate dance and music if you don't have an eye for the advantage of features. Have you ever seen a peacock dancing? It dances by being one with functions and that is "dance to the songs of nature". Actually the peacock becomes aspect of you will when it dances with complete elegance just before a rainfall drop to attract his dearest. Have you seen a cuckoo sing? You don't have to see it clearly but you just experience the the oscillations of its contacting by being aspect of you will. They are so organic that they are the inseparable locations of functions with ideal stability with you will. If you want that ideal stability between your thoughts, whole whole whole body, main, you need to experience you will and you need to include in the dance and songs of you will. So you must say, dance to the songs.
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