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To make the wireless features completely free, the Kindle is equipped with a 3G capability which can be used to use wireless to retrieve purchased eBooks from Amazon in its proprietary format. Buy the latest Kindle e-Book Readers & Accessories at affordable prices! Our aim to smooth the transition from paperback to digital eBooks. Here You can not only read eBooks but also Kindle Blogs and electronic versions of newspapers and magazines and periodicals.

Choosing the Best Port

Since I'm involved with portable eBook readers, or eReaders, I often get asked, "What's the best eBook reader?&q...Read More


Understanding the Type

Portable eBook readers aren't the most popular digital media devices - yet. They are intended for a specific audience...Read More

The Eco-Friendly Porta

The eBook reader is more eco-friendly than most people realize. In fact, when we talk about green gadgets, few are in...Read More

All About the Portable

A portable eBook reader is on a lot of people's shopping lists, though they are not the standard yet. eBooks are grow...Read More

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