Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "Turnkey Website"?
A: Turnkey websites can raise your website portfolio quick and easy with a minimum technical skill from you. Our all turnkey websites are one special package, complete with a domain name, hosting account and support. We contain pre-installed scripts for mailing lists, forms, shopping carts (with product pictures, descriptions, prices), affiliate programs, etc.
Q: Is it really possible to make money with these sites?
A: Certainly! Every website we offer has confirmed for success, with the possible that it make money from the first month.
Q: Can I resell my turnkey website?
A: Yes! All the websites purchased through, can re-sell at any time. You are the owner of your site and you can do what is best for you. Several times you can make even more profit reselling our websites! Due to our copyright you cannot make copy of the website and resell them.
Q: Can I host the site in my existing hosting or can I host elsewhere?
A: Yes. You can host somewhere else at any time. You are free to move the website from one host to another if you wish to do so. We will help you in installing and setting up the website in your servers for a fee. However, we suggest staying with the current server in order to avoid site down-time lost in switching servers. And once the site is move, the free domain name and support are not provided!
Q: If I have no experience operating or programming an online site, is it possible for me to run one of your websites?
A: Of Course! If you can browse the internet and read your e-mails, you have the required abilities to run our sites. Even if you have no experience as a web master or owner. Every one of our sites has a admin panel that allows you handle the whole website. The edge is as simple as to use, just point and click.
Q: Can I sell my own products on the website? Can I use the website for dropshipping?
A: No. The default shopping cart works with Amazon items. If you request we will install a shopping cart allows you to upload and sell your own products on the website.
Q: What is an affiliate website and how it works.
A: Affiliate websites are a huge way to make some extra money. If you desire the exact product to promote you will be well on your own way to making money.When you sign up to become an affiliate they provided you with a special link .That link contains a special code that is assigned to you.If someone buy the product you make a commission.
Q: How long does it take for my turnkey website to be online ready to take orders?
A: It takes maximum of 1 business days from ordering.
Q: Who is the owner of the turnkey site?
A: After purchasing the website you will be the owner of the website.
Q: Should I worry about hidden fees?
A: Not at all! All you pay is a onetime fee to buy the website. Adding, each site includes a single year of hosting and domain name. After the first year, you may continue using our hosting services at the price of $70/year for hosting, domain & support.
Q: What about my privacy?
A: Client’s privacy is our primary policy. We will never share any information to others. You needn’t worry about that. We are strictly contact you after your order. You may read our complete privacy policy.
Q: How do I get paid?
A: We use Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, and Clickbank’s affiliate programs on our websites. When you order your website, will send you instructions for creating your associate accounts with Amazon, Google, and Clickbank. This is a free and easy process that should take about 5 minutes. You can paid directly from Amazon, Google and Clickbank, using check or direct deposits.
Q: Can I track my sales online?
A: Yes you can track all you sales, ad clicks and earnings from Amazon, Google and click bank’s websites
Q: I want a completely custom website. Do you build custom websites?
A: Yes! We can build any custom website to your condition. clearly, a custom website is going to cost much more than a turnkey solution. However we can definitely do this whether you need an e-commerce solution or some other type of website.
Q: Can I display products from any specific store owner ?
A: Yes, if you want to display any specific store owner's products, then for this you need to contact us after you purchase the site so that we will set it up for you.
Q: I have an Amazon store where I am selling my products. Can I display the products from my store?
A: If you have Amazon store account and have your own products, then we can add your store displaying your products.
Q: When an item is sold, how much shall I earn from Amazon, ClickBank and Google AdSense and where shall I check that amount?
A: You will get commission ranging from 5% to 65% depending on item and store owner, namely Amazon, ClickBank, etc. For Google AdSense, the click cost starts from 2 cent to $25 depending on the product competition.
For Amazon commission, you need to check in your Amazon Associate account report. For ClickBank commission and Google AdSense money, check your ClickBank account and Google AdSense account respectively.
Q: On this site, can I add my own banners or links?
A: Yes, there is a feature in the admin section where you can add your HTML code for banners or links.
Q: I don't know how to create affiliate account. Can you help me to create one?
A: Yes, we will create the account for you. For this, you need to provide your personal details in the link given in the order email which you receive after you purchase the site. Also remember if you have previously suspended or terminated the account, then your account can't be approved. Therefore, you need to create the account in the name of your close relative or friend in order to create the account and receive the money.
Q: Can you help me to add other affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Chitika or any other scheme if I want to add it in the future?
A: Yes, we will help you on that case. But for this, you need to create concerned affiliate account and provide the links and other information.
Q: Can I modify/add new article on the site by myself?
A: Yes, on the site there is a control given through which you can add/edit the articles.
Q: Can I change the entire site design myself?
A: Yes you can change the entire design yourself if you have the technical knowledge on HTML. But if you don't know HTML and other tools, then you need to take our support; we will do that for you. For this, you need to pay the extra fee.
Q: I am looking for a Site which is not present in your site. Is there any way you can create the new site for me.?
A: Yes if you don't find that particular type of site or theme website then we can create it for you with very less prices. For this Click here to provide your required site details in the form. So that We will communicate with you and create it within 2-3 business day.
Q: Do you give me back my money if I don't like the website?
A: No, it’s not possible to refund your money if you don’t like the website.bcoz we have spent lot of money to build the website,purchasing the domain etc. We are properly monitor our website and doing marketing for that. But you can change the site.