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Conditions of Use
Please read this area properly before publishing, posting, or otherwise posting any Content to the website. The website name ‘Technaps ’ known as herein contains it’s mother or father company and subsidiaries.
  1. By applying an account with Technaps, you become a ‘member’.
  2. By publishing published or visual prepared to Technaps , such as your email, you become a ‘member’.Content Published Or Made Available For Addition On The Service User submitted content may come in the form of feedback, recommendations and other published material. By posting prepared to the website you are allowing Technaps a globally, Non unique certificate to use the information and are comprising and warranting to Technaps that the information is possessed or usually certified by you, and that Technaps is free to post, spread and use the information as hereinafter offered for without acquiring authorization or certificate from any third party.
  3. In concern of Technaps’s contract to allow you to post Content to the Site and Technaps’s contract to post such Content and for other useful concern the invoice and sufficiency of which are hereby particularly and irrevocably recognized, you believe the fact with Technaps as follows:
  4. You recognize that:
    • By publishing Content to the Site you hereby allow to Technaps a non-exclusive, transferable, completely paid, globally certificate (with the right to sublicense) to use, spread, recreate, change, adjust, openly perform and openly display such Content in relationship with the Services. This certificate will are available for the period during which the Content is posted on the Site and will instantly stop upon the elimination of the Content from the Site;
    • The certificate provided to Technaps contains the right to use your Content completely or partly for marketing reasons and to spread and redistribute your Content to other events, web-sites, programs, printed material, and other organizations, offered such Content is linked to you using the attributes (i.e. login name, user profile picture, picture headline, explanations, labels, and other associated with information) if any and as appropriate, all as sent to Technaps by you;
    • Subject to the regards to this certificate, you maintain full possession or other privileges in your Content and any ip privileges or other exclusive privileges associated with your Content.
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