Web Hostings

You must have worked diligently on your website and launched it for promotion of various products and services. Now you have the task of finding the best web hosting provider, so that your site is accessed by the targeted visitors in hassle free manner. There are many ways of hosting the sites these days, and technaps brings to you a wide variety of choices in affordable web hosting services.
Wide range of hosting services for our clients – We at technaps realize that web hosting is an integral part of the portals, which the webmasters try their best to optimize for their sites. Hence, there is variety of offers, in the field of cheap web hosting services, which benefits our clients and they can choose from a large variety of options. Range of hosting services includes the windows and linux platforms with options of reseller, Virtual Private Server or VPS and dedicated servers. From these individual options, our clients also have the liberty to select the particular plans, which suits their requirements and their traffic inflow.
Complete ownerships – All our servers are co-owned or have been purchased on lease by us. This allows us to have the cPanel control on the servers, so that our experts can operate these servers on your behalf. As a result, our affordable web hosting services come along with the best options in their plans. So, this allows our customers to pick up their plans and then upgrade them as per their requirements in the future.
Multiple benefits provided by us for hosting maintenance
When you take up the cheap web hosting services from us, you should be assured that the best web hosting provider is working out solutions for your benefit. Our customer service is top grade, with immediate response towards any kind of downtime. Since the servers that we have aligned with, have continuous power source, there is negligible outage and hence continuity in the site. We have 24x7 customer service, for which there is no need to worry about any technical glitch. All our web hosting plans are protected by adequate spam filters and anti-viruses. Number of technical operations like MySQL, database, POP3 account and Server Side Interface can be found with our portals. With all these kinds of affordable web hosting services, your sites are sure to be in the eyes of the visitors always.
Paramount features of our web hosting services comprise:
  • Cutting-edge  hosting infrastructure for nonstop service
  • Several hosting plans to meet individual requirements and budget
  • Nearly 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Dedicated customer support via  email, chat and phone
  • Prompt solution to any problem by competent professionals
  • cPanel control panel
  • Highly secure environment for all our servers
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • mySQL Manager and mySQL databases
  • POP3 account and Server Side Includes (SSI)
Thus, if you wish for top-quality web hosting services at reasonable rates, get in touch with us immediately!